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Get from us healthy Domestic Animals such as Murrah Buffalo, Sahiwal Cow, Jersy Cow, Tharparkar Cow etc.

About Us

For more than half a century, we, Govind Dairy Farm are serving our clients and making them proud of their decision of choosing us as their partners. We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the most experienced suppliers, wholesalers & distributors of domestic animals such as Murrah Buffalo, Holstein Friesian Cow, Jersy Cow, Murrah Bull, Sahiwal Cow, Jersy Cow, Gir Cow, Tharparkar Cow, All Bull Breed etc. Animals we supply are healthy, even people who have given us the chance to serve them have observed that there is a huge difference between the breeds that we offer and the other contenders of the domain offer. We make sure that the animals are clean, active and are not suffering from any kind of infection which can be spread and make other animals ill. Apart from this, customers, also love our habit of operating the business with truthfulness and ethics. We understand their requirements and make sure they are fulfilled completely.

For this, our clients proudly recommend our name to others, which is the reason of our extreme popularity across the nation. When we first entered the industry, there were so many competitors standing in our way to occupy the leading position. Since then, we have accepted each challenge, improved our services and today proudly enjoying being at the top most position in our domain.

Why People Choose Us?
Customers associate with us owing to our expertise as well as experience. Our record to satisfy the customers is highly positive and this make people to prefer us. Following are some of the other reasons because of which they choose us:
  • We supply healthy and active animals
  • We operate our business with honesty
  • We are a customer-focused company
  • We always ask for the reasonable prices

Our Experience: Our Strength
We have spent much time in this industry which help us in understanding everything about animals. In addition to this, it makes us understand the needs and expectations of clients. We have great contacts with thousands of vendors from whom we get the healthiest breeds and supply. Even we our experience gives us the strength to overcome each barrier such as ever-changing customers requirements and market norms.

We are dealing only in bulk orders minumum orders 10 pairs.